What drives a prostitute?

For the ordinary person, it is an endless wonder why women choose to become prostitutes. In fact, sex workers are quite misunderstood. Most ordinary folks do not understand what really drives a woman to become a sex worker. There are different reasons that drive women into prostitution. However, the motivation for any woman to go on or endure prostitution is still vague in our modern society.

Short cut to employment

In reality, a prostitute is driven mainly by the result of being in prostitution. The primary motivation is of course money. A prostitute is literary a person who perceives sex for pay as her line of work. She no doubt is in the business for money. It might be a little surprising, but a prostitute does not really put too much attachment to the idea of intimacy than the end product of it. A prostitute understands that her clients want sexual relief and making them sexually relieved is all she strives to do. A prostitute will look into making her clients climax for the monetary reward and she is ready for it round the clock with the understanding that the client’s need is just to climax and once that is done, the business is over.


The nature of sex work allows for quick and conclusive dealings between a prostitute and their clients create the convenience of the short-lived nature of the transaction. This motivates a prostitute to put up with it and get done as quick and make an earning. In comparison to other forms of employment a prostitute considers the sex work a less demanding stream of income with no strings attached and thus opts to ignore the sexual stigma and do whatever it takes to sell her services and make a living. After all, we are about making a living. To a prostitute, sex work is literally a job that demands your time and energy like any other and the pay is instant, therefore it is as much worth as any other job offering an average of the national average wage.