Reasons Why You Should Date A Stripper

Although most people would frown upon the suggestion of dating a stripper, it is really something you should consider. Apart from the social stigma that comes with dating a stripper, there is nothing that makes a stripper less hot or attractive as a female companion. Here are some sensible reasons why dating a stripper is really a doable thing that is both worthwhile and within reason.

Great companyFirst, strippers are good dancers and are bound to be great company when going for a date outdoors. They are more experienced in social circles, therefore more confident and less inhibited about expressing themselves either on the dance floor or giving that deep kiss at the bar.

Open mindedIn fact, strippers are open-minded and used to being in the spotlight arenas. They are therefore, less likely to have insecurities issues or bring about drama when they see you chatting or dancing with a random girl in the dance floor. Another quality of a stripper is that she is already heard her wild days and experimented with all manner of things, you will not need to pressure her into kink but relax as she teaches you the dynamics of pleasuring and sex tricks to make it more fun and worth your while.

You will attract attentionIt is obvious that to be a stripper one has to be endowed with a sumptuous body coming in a rounded shape and enticing curves. Well, strippers are not admirable for more than their looks. They offer beauty and stripping skills to the audience. Dating a stripper means landing your hands on a truly beautiful belle, who will have the people around break their necks admiring you as a couple. You will be able to command a lot of attention.

Emotional freedomStrippers are in the business of dealing with many different clients and men from day to day. Thus, their experience has taught them to keep things casual and emotion attachment on the sidelines to enjoy the moment and have as much fun as possible. Dating a stripper keeps you off the hook of dating a nagging girl who is jealous or always asking you for your company and leaving you with no personal space. A stripper will give you the emotional space and distance you need whilst entertaining you.